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DRAFT™ eliminates the need for manual cutting and pasting and allows Brookmark to leverage our own default values and custom libraries without having to program from scratch every time. As a result, DRAFT™ provides accurate programming and faster turnaround for your survey research projects. DRAFT™:

•Eliminates the need to manually cut and paste
• Creates a polished and fully formatted online survey
• Accommodates all leading survey versions and browsers
• Can define question structures at the push of a button
• Automatically adds standard Javascript and CSS to certain question types
• Automatically adds question instructions
• Automatically adds validation scripts and sets question propertiesy

Brookmark X-Ray™

When you need to quickly and easily see into every critical component of your survey programs, Brookmark XRay™ is a proprietary application that both simplifies and provides structure to the survey checking process.

Brookmark DRAFT™

To ensure accuracy and timeliness, it’s important to avoid recreating the wheel every time a survey is programmed. Brookmark DRAFT™ provides accurate programming and faster turnaround for your survey research projects.

Brookmark Translate™

It’s critical that surveys aren’t corrupted by incorrect translations. Brookmark’s Excel based tool is designed to provide survey authors the ability to review and compare the translated text to the original or starting survey text and make edits if necessary.


We can help with all stages of the research process including conceptualization, study and questionnaire design, data collection, analysis, and reporting.

By utilizing new, proprietary technologies and integrating proven processes, Brookmark consistently delivers exceptional solutions. Specializing in project management, online survey programming, data management, and customized online reporting, we provide cutting edge services to brand leaders in the consumer packaged goods, finance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and sports & recreation industries.

Survey Design and Planning

We determine the most effective way to program a successful survey – a survey that’s engaging and produces accurate, reliable data.

Project Management

In a highly commoditized industry, client service and support separates Brookmark from the competition.

Data Collection & Management

Our data quality program starts with a comprehensive logic review of your survey instrument and ends with our delivery of clean, accurate and reliable data.

Analysis & Reporting

From top-line reporting to multi-variate modeling to detailed visual presentations, we do it all.