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Xray: The Evolution Of A Survey QC Platform

We come from an era where survey checking was like the Wild West.  You never knew what the next survey would bring.  It could be formatted with clear skip logic or it could be written on scrap paper surrounded by logic arrows.  Regardless of what came in, it was expected to come out 100% checked and correct.

One challenge was that the programmed version never revealed enough details needed to compare to the survey doc. You had to manually record your responses to fully check all survey logic paths.  Or you check a few and assume the rest are correct.

Due to a lack of solutions, Xray was born.  The first iteration aimed to bring transparency to programming by showing question IDs and item precodes on the screen (a standard in today’s tools).  A visible question ID is the easiest way to identify what question you’re on when checking skip logic and defining edits.  Since skip logic is usually written using precodes, having visible precodes is a huge help.  Another feature we added was recording your responses as you went along, helping to minimize the manual work.

Xray’s next iteration upgraded to a full checking tool with a built-in process.  Instead of residing in the survey, we utilized Confirmit’s SOAP API to create an app that sits on top of it.  The next challenge to overcome was edit management. Edits could come from multiple sources in multiple forms.  We consolidated this into the same screen you see when checking the survey. We next tackled how and what we check.  Modules were added for specific scenarios that defined our testing process and made it transparent for everyone involved.  Now we could allocate specific tasks to the people who are best suited.

We no longer said “Check this survey” and hoped every error was found.  We were now targeting where we knew errors would be and empowering less experienced folks to contribute. We continue to embrace the available technology and evolve how we check a survey.

About Brookmark Research:
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